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Watercolors Inspired by Nature

Jennie Kilcup seeks to capture the vibrant essence of life in watercolor, whether in the beauty of nature, preserving family memories, pets, iconic images, weddings, or commercial design. The colors will astound you, the whimsy will sneak up on you.

Hello! I am Jennie Kilcup, a watercolor artist based in Boise, Idaho, the beautiful City of Trees.        
 Every day I paint at my table in front of a large sunny window, in which sits Ace, cat extraordinaire.  With a cup of green tea close by, and a scented candle flickering, I am in my happy place!

I love steak and potatoes (true Idaho girl), a good yard sale (raised on ‘em), golfing (scholarship paid for college) my darling husband, Luke (met on the golf team), and Stanley, our Golden Retriever.

I’m proud to call myself a native Idahoan, born and raised in world famous Sun Valley.  It was there, surrounded by the mountains of central Idaho, where I played and explored, and grew a love for all of creation and its inhabitants.  Family road trips further cultivated my sense of the outdoors, and gave me inspiration that tucked itself away in my memories until I took up painting full-time.

As early as I can remember, I was always coloring or drawing.  My mother enrolled me in art lessons when I was eight, and it was there that water colors took hold of me, or….I just gave in to my DNA.   I hadn’t yet fully grasped the extent of artists who had come before me - a great, great grandmother, an aunt, and several older cousins.

My talent is my gift from God. I am grateful to be able to paint and share it with others.  And I do so intentionally. Trying to capture this world’s beauty in watercolor is a truly humbling, sometimes challenging experience.  The details of creation are complex, indescribable, and inspirational.

On a side note, pine trees are my favorite thing to paint.

I love living in this big beautiful bustling city of Boise.   It’s close enough to the mountains that we can escape from time to time. Escape to where the breeze through the pines sings its own song and speaks to my soul.  
Boise is full of life and vibrancy and iconic inspiration.  It is wild, yet metropolitan Idaho.

Thank you for stopping by!!

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